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Team Newsletter September 2019 01 September 2019

At this time of year we think of those who plough and sow and reap....

Rev Susan Atkinson-Jones has a new appointment 04 August 2019
Team Newsletter July 2019 30 June 2019

Jeremy writes about VICTORY....

“We are more than conquerors through him who loved us” says Paul in Romans 8:37.   I’ve just been watching a programme featuring Canon Andrew White (the   Vicar of Baghdad) who makes this his theme almost everywhere he goes.  Few have known more than he the trials and tribulations of ministry in the most extreme of environments - yet he remains positive, joyful and calm constantly quoting those wonderful words....


Team Newsletter June 2019 02 June 2019

"Prayer"   As followers of Jesus Christ, are we praying as he instructed? "Father, Thy Kingdom come."  This time, between Ascension-tide and Pentecost, is a time for focussed prayer. All Saints will be open on Wed 5th and Thurs 6th June, 9am - 8pm, with 'prayer stations' to help us pray, (and other Sanderstead churches will be open for prayer too, see pages 3-5) ..... I really do hope that many will take time out of busy lives to come and pray. Let's not imagine we have to be experts; let's just do what Jesus asked - pray! It works.

Team Newsletter May 2019 05 May 2019

"Unity" In the Acts of the Apostles (Chapter 4 v 32) we read that, ‘all the believers were one in heart and mind.’

Team Newsletter April 2019 31 March 2019

"Prayer, like our Lenten journey, is truly "the heart in pilgrimage". That journey takes us through times of darkness and pain, but ultimately transposes into a different tune of the "softness, and peace, and joy, and love, and bliss" which we experience on Easter Sunday. May God bless you all as you continue your journey..."

Team Newsletter March 2019 03 March 2019

“You are dust and to dust you shall return”  
Can life begin… when we’re getting older?

Team Newsletter February 2019 03 February 2019

Winter, February Blues, Depression, Not alone, and more...….

Team Newsletter January 2019 06 January 2019

Our Bishops have recently asked us to pray for "more generosity and grace amongst those with differing views, so that there might be stability and peace in place of angry words and bad temper."

Team Newsletter December 2018 02 December 2018

The Gift

"Mild He lay His glory by, Born that man no more may die; Born to raise the sons of earth, Born to give them second birth."

A Happy Christmas to you all!

Live Streaming of Services from St Edmund's 02 December 2018 St Edmund's live
Trial of New Worship Patterns 26 November 2018

Trial of New Worship Patterns in 2019

Team Newsletter November '18 04 November 2018

"Lord for the years, we bring our thanks today...."

Christmas Day lunch 14 October 2018

The Sanderstead parish Christmas Day lunch is on!

Team Newsletter October 2018 07 October 2018

"There....but not there"

Changes to Sunday services in 2019 25 September 2018

Our strategic priority is Children and Families

Scallywags 20 September 2018

Scallywags, Toddler group at St Edmund's    

Team Newsletter September 2018 02 September 2018

A Call to Prayer...

Review of the Sanderstead Team 25 July 2018

Review of the Sanderstead Team

Team Newsletter July 2018 01 July 2018

"Your community needs you!"  Read more on page 7.

Photography and Worship 26 June 2018

Calling all budding photographers!

Team Newsletter June 2018 03 June 2018
May Team Newsletter 06 May 2018
Men's Group outing 22 April 2018

All Saints' outing to Bletchley Park

APCM 22 April 2018 07 April 2018

Annual Parochial Church Meeting papers

April Team Newsletter 01 April 2018
Good Friday at St Antony's 30 March 2018

Good Friday Children's Activities

March Team Newsletter 04 March 2018
February Team Newsletter 04 February 2018
January Team Newsletter 07 January 2018
Update on reordering All Saints 05 January 2018

Reordering update JAN 2018

Christmas Lunch at All Saints 25 December 2017

Greatly enjoyed by all

December Team Newsletter 03 December 2017

The theme of this month's newsletter is 'Emmanuel - God with us'. May you know Him with you this month.

Christmas in Sanderstead 27 November 2017

Churches Together in Sanderstead Christmas Services

November Team Newsletter 05 November 2017
Green Team Reflection 28 October 2017

We have a Green Team because the environment matters. A reflection on what we can and should do for nature. By Richard Bird

News from the Hawksbees in Paraguay 19 October 2017

Read the latest news from Chris and Alison Hawksbees, our mission partners in Paraguay

Harvest at St Antony's 15 October 2017

St Antony's Harvest competition

October Team Newsletter 01 October 2017
Rev Louise Ellis 27 September 2017

Louise is licensed to her new parish, Lilliput in Dorset

News from the Green Team 23 September 2017

The Green Team has a new display in All Saints and has produced some useful information about recycling.

St Antony's 60th Celebration 17 September 2017

St Antony's celebrates 60 years serving the people of Hamsey Green

Win Collis 13 September 2017

We say goodbye to Win as she moves to a new home.

September Team Newsletter 03 September 2017

September's Team Newsletter

August Team Newsletter 06 August 2017

Sanderstead Team Newsletter

Letter from the Hawksbees 26 July 2017

Our Mission Partners in Paraguay

St Antony's Community Day 18 July 2017

A community day to celebrate St Antony's 60th anniversary

Team July Newsletter 02 July 2017
June Team Newsletter 28 May 2017

Sanderstead Team Newsletter June.

Team Newsletter 07 May 2017

Your NEW monthly Team Newsletter

News from Pastor Patrick in Kenya 21 April 2017

Thanks to All Saints for gifts and prayers.

St Antony's Good Friday Activities 14 April 2017

Easter Activities on Good Friday at St Antony's

Palm Sunday 09 April 2017

Palm Sunday celebration

All Saints April Newsletter 02 April 2017

Monthly Newsletter with all the news from All Saints Church

Hawksbees' letter March 2017 21 March 2017

A letter from our mission partners in Paraquay, Chris and Alison Hawksbee

Spring Cleaning All Saints 17 March 2017

Getting ready for Easter

All Saints March Newsletter 05 March 2017

In this months newsletter: A letter from Jeremy, a re-ordering update, information about fairtrade fortnight, upcoming events and more!

Bishop of Southwark's Lent Call 01 March 2017

The theme for this year's Lent Call is "I was hungry... I was thirsty"

Pastor Patrick in Kenya 01 March 2017

Pastor Patrick's visit to All Saints, 19th February

All Saints February Newsletter 05 February 2017

In this month's newsletter: A letter from Martin, church and community events, information from the green team, and information from Tanzania Development Trust.

Eco Sunday 05 February 2017

Celebrating Eco Sunday with a Green Communion

St Antony's Patronal Festival 22 January 2017

St Antony's Celebrates 60 years.

All Saints January Newsletter 08 January 2017

All Saints' monthly newsletter

Christmas Lunch 2016 25 December 2016

Christmas Day lunch in the parish

Christmas and ADVENTure 2016 20 December 2016 Christmas in Sanderstead Parish
December Newsletter 01 December 2016

Parish News for December 2016

News from the Green Team 29 November 2016

Collecting egg boxes

November Newsletter 03 November 2016

News and events in November 2016

Family Fun in October 23 October 2016

At our family fun hour in October we learned about Abraham and Sarah

October Newsletter 29 September 2016

Events in October

25 years a Reader 04 September 2016

Wendy Holt celebrates 25 years as a Reader

St Antony's Altar 01 September 2016

A new altar for St Antony's

Croydon Zimbabwe Link 01 September 2016

Prayer pointers September 2016

All Saints September Newsletter 01 September 2016

September Newsletter

Newsletter Aug 2016 23 August 2016

August newsletter

News from All Saints 10 August 2016 Events coming up
Faith Pictures 01 August 2016

Feedback from the Faith Pictures Course 

The All Saints Walk, May 2016 21 May 2016

Pictures from the All Saints Walk on Riddlesdown