Christmas and ADVENTure 2016

20 December 2016

Christmas in Sanderstead Parish

Full details of all our Christmas services can be found on the Events Page

ADVENTure is progressing round the Parish at 6 - 7 pm every evening, and it's not too late to seek out a tableau. Check the list for tonight's scene and come along. Visit our Facebook page for up to date news of ADVENTure

C is for Carols

B is for Bethlehem

D is for Desert

F is for Frankincense

H is for Herod

I is for Immanuel

A is for Annunciation

L is for Light

M is for Mary

P is for Prince of Peace

Q is for Quickly

S is for Shepherds

O is for Old Testament

T is for Tidings of Joy

U is for Us

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