Sanderstead Parish

St Antony's, St Edmund's and All Saints

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All Saints

Onslow Gardens, Sanderstead CR2 9AB

St Edmund's

Mitchley Avenue, Riddlesdown CR2 9HL

St Antony's

Wentworth Way, Hamsey Green CR2 9ET

Sanderstead Parish Office

Onslow Gardens, Sanderstead, CR2 9AB
Telephone : 020 8657 0665

The Parish office in All Saints Halls is open to personal and telephone enquiries between the hours of 9.30am and 12 noon Monday to Friday.

Charity no. 1130319

Meet the Team

Team Rector
Rev Canon Martin Greenfield
tel 020 8657 1366

Assistant Priest
Rev Jeremy Groombridge
tel 020 8668 7795

Assistant Bishop in the Diocese
Rt Rev David Atkinson
email via parish office
tel 020 8406 0895

Licensed Reader at St Edmund's
Wendy Holt
email none
tel via Parish Office 020 8657 0665

Children and Families Pastor
Chris Newman
tel 07514 373244

Church Warden, All Saints
Mike Fixter
tel 07860 615125

Church Warden, All Saints
Susan Thomas
tel 07870 318366

PCC Secretary
Dick Hibberd
email via Parish Office
tel 020 8657 0665

Parish Administrator
Paul Shipley
tel 020 8657 0665

Rector's Assistant
Rosanne Morris
tel 020 8657 0665

Caretaker and Key Holder, All Saints
Tony Novell
email n/a
tel 07733325789

Caretaker and Groundsman, All Saints
Ben Coburn
tel 07960299902

Organist, All Saints
John Jones
email n/a
tel 01883 347367

Pastoral Co-ordinator All Saints
Sandra Groombridge
tel 020 8668 7795

Safeguarding Officer All Saints
Margaret Quiney
tel 020 8657 4087