Stations of the Cross

07 April 2020

Contact Rev Jeremy for a presentation of the Stations of the Cross service on Powerpoint or Keynote.


In past years, a number of you have enjoyed a “Stations of the Cross” service in the church.  “Stations” is like a journey - using pictures and liturgy, we follow the way Jesus took through the narrow streets of Jerusalem on his way to the Cross.   Only recently, I trod this journey through the actual streets of Jerusalem known as the “Via Dolorosa” and once again found it a deeply moving experience.  Obviously, this year we are unable to do the service in the church building, but using technology and a wonderful version of the “Stations” service produced by Church House publishing, I have been able to produce a version that combines the Scripture readings, prayers and a reflection by the new Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell.   I have recorded it in two versions - PowerPoint (which works with most Windows based PCs and Laptops) and Keynote (which works with Apple PCs and laptops, iPads and iPhones version 6 and above).  I have embedded an audio file on each page containing the Reflection and Prayer.

It is, however, quite a large file to send out and is not really suitable for sharing on our webpage.  So if you would like to have a copy for your own devotions please email me on and indicate whether you would like the PowerPoint or the Keynote version.   I will then send an electronic version to you via mail drop which you should be able to click and access.  It is then a question of showing the presentation with the readings and pictures, and clicking on each slide to hear the audio file.

The readings, reflections and pictures are all taken from Walking the Way of the Cross by Church House Publishing.   Pictures have been designed by Nicholas Merkell.

They are a little different from the images you may be used to, but I hope you find them helpful as you meditate during this very special Holy Week.  May God bless you as you follow Christ’s journey to the cross, and rejoice in his rising from the dead.

With kind regards


Revd Jeremy Groombridge CB

Sanderstead Parish

Onslow Gardens  Sanderstead CR2 9AB

020 8668 7795

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