Home Group Studies

20 January 2021

Notes and videos for home group studies on the Psalms

This term our Home Group studies will be on the Psalms and are linked to a Sermon series. See our online videos on the Sermons page.

3 January Sermon, introduction and Psalm 1

Study notes for session 1.

10 January sermon, The Steadfast Love of the Lord, Psalm 103

House Group week commencing 11 January

Study notes on Psalm 103

17 January sermon, The good order of God's creation  Psalm 104 

24 January Wisdom and Justice, Psalm 85.

House group week commencing Mon 25 January

Study notes on Psalm 104

Study notes on Psalm 85

31 January Sanderstead Light

7 February "Who do you think you are?" Psalm 139

House Group week commencing Mon 8 February

Study notes for Psalm 139

14 February Lament and Penitence, Psalm 51.

Study notes on Psalms of lament and penitence

21 February Salvation and hope, Psalm 32

House Group Week commencing 22 February

Study notes for Psalm 32

28 February Sanderstead Light

7 March Journey of Faith, Psalm 121

House Group Week commencing 8 March

Study Notes on The Journey of Faith

Study notes on Psalm 121

14 March Mothering Sunday

21 March Praise to God - Cantate domino Psalm 98

House Group Week commencing 22 March

Study notes on Psalm 98

28 March Sanderstead Light

4 April Easter Sunday

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