Pastoral Care during the coronavirus pandemice

20 March 2020

During these difficult days, while we cannot meet face to face, it is very important for us all to stay connected with each other.

All Home Group leaders will keep in touch with those in their Group either by email or telephone. However, some of our people are not members of Home Groups so I have asked various members of the church to maintain telephone contact with those who are not attached to Home Groups, and to inform them of emails sent from the church. We have tried to ensure that everyone in the church community will receive a call from time to time from another church member, and we would encourage each person to pursue connection.   Obviously this doesn't override any other contacts you may have - the important thing we are trying to prevent is any of our church community feeling uncared for and isolated.

If you have any concerns or worries about this or if you lose contact with the church community please contact me, Martin or Jeremy and we will do what we can to help.

My email is:

With best wishes,


Pastoral Minister



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