Eco Sunday

05 February 2017

Celebrating Eco Sunday with a Green Communion

On Sunday 5th February we were asked to wear something green to Church. In a service designed to think about taking care of God’s creation we followed an order of service being used nationwide to advertise and increase the awareness of CONSERVATION and to help churches see what they can do to encourage people to be more aware of looking after our planet. Bishop David Atkinson brought us to attention by beginning his sermon with the Flanders and Swann song which included the lines "You may come across a lonely pool or pond. And you'll always find a big, brass broken bedstead by the bank". He continued to show how God cares for every part of his creation, and we should too.

The Green Team have prepared a board displaying all the ways that we can make a difference in the way we live and use the planet's resources.

Eco Sunday poster

Eco Sunday board

Eco Sunday choir

Eco Sunday communion

Eco Sunday coffee

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