All Saints

Saturday 30 May 2020 at 9.00 am

      Sunday 24 May at 4pm
-      Wednesday 27 May at 8pm
-      Saturday 30 May at 9am

  • Each Prayer Meeting will be around 30 mins, so not too long.
  • Please choose a topic for prayer (see the list below).  Then, before the Prayer Meeting, prepare and maybe write out your prayer.
  • Rosanne will send out the Zoom Link Invitations before each Prayer Meeting.
  • When we meet via Zoom on the day, I will explain clearly what we are doing.  I will confirm who will be praying on what topic, and the order in which people will pray.
  • [You can of course pray personally.  You will find lots of ideas on the Thy Kingdom Come website.  Go to ]

 Topics for Prayer:

-      Opening prayer of praise
-      Prayer for Children to learn to follow Jesus.
-      Prayer for Families
-      Prayer for our church, to proclaim the Good News of Jesus.
-      Prayer for our nation – our government; for justice.
-      Prayer for other nations, especially suffering through COVID.
-      Prayer for the lonely, needy.

Then, a time of Open prayer, before we close.

All of you are welcome at any or all 3 of these prayer meetings, and all will receive the Zoom link beforehand.

If you can contribute, I'd love to hear from you. Please reply by return email to Rosanne on, indicating which prayer meeting you'd like to join, and which topic you'd like to pray for. If you have no preference, please indicate that too.

Let's ask the Lord to help us and teach us to pray.
With my prayers and kind regards,


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